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When you join The Union Jack Club your world opens up!

Union Jack Club Members

As part of an international military community we are delighted our members can access a network of clubs in popular destinations all
around the world. To visit one of these clubs please request a ‘letter of introduction’ from our membership team at members@ujc.org.uk,
and then make your booking direct with the Club you wish to visit.

Cercle National des Armees Paris
China Fleet Club, Plymouth, United Kingdom
United Services Club Brisbane
ANZAC Club Perth
The Royal Maritime Club Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Naval NCO Club in Den Helder Holland
Marines Memorial Club San Francisco
Royal Canadian Military Institute Toronto
Royal Scots Club Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Visiting Members

If you are a member of one of the above Clubs you can stay with us here at The Union Jack Club as a Temporary Honorary Member. Simply contact your own club and request a ‘letter of introduction’. You will be asked to present this to us when you make your booking. To make a reservation please contact abo@ujc.org.uk or telephone +44 207 928 4814. We’ll be delighted to welcome you to our capital city.

London and the world on your doorstep with The Union Jack Club!