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UJC Planning Objection

Update: Michael Gove’s refusal to call-in the Bourne building proposal for an independent review we have been delighted to received extensive coverage in the Daily Mail both online and in print on Monday and then Tuesday. This article was swiftly followed by the Evening Standard in print and online, and the Daily Telegraph, which is online. We have provided ‘catch-up’ links for you below.

As a result of this and subsequent social medial activity, a fresh groundswell of support has rapidly been created by Members and others; and we ask you please to continue to say what you think within the Daily Mail article’s ‘comments’ link, and on the Club’s social media when you see it. Please, if you can, make sure you follow us for updates. 

We believe Lambeth Council will make their decision in coming weeks and still hope they will ensure the Club's historic environment will be saved for the huge office block. This Club is not a hotel and should be protected.

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