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Enjoy unmatched service, quality, value and central London location...

We love to welcome new members and your family and friends, and if you are serving or veteran enlisted HM Armed Forces personnel this Club is for you. When you join, you gain exclusive access to a famous and friendly Tri-Services military home in the heart of London. Members enjoy many benefits, including superb accommodation, restaurant, bar, meeting, working and partying facilities and the online membership booking portal.

Simply, we pride ourselves on the Club’s truly exceptional value + quality + location combination.

There are five possible membership types available, please read on to find the one for you…

1. Serving Membership

- Free for serving enlisted personnel and spouse/partners

All enlisted members of the Regular, Reserve and Auxiliary Forces of the Crown and their associated Nursing Services of HM Armed Forces below commissioned rank are-automatically members of The Union Jack Club and are welcome to make us their home when in London for work or pleasure, but you need to sign up to be kept informed and to enjoy the full benefits. We’ll make sure we provide regular updates on special offers, promotions, events and also send personalised membership cards for you and your spouse/partner. You’ll also have access into the members’ online booking portal and phone app.

2. Veteran Membership

- FREE for two years from the date of leaving the Services
- If joining two years after leaving the Services your annual membership fee is £30.00, plus a one-off £7.50 joining fee. Adding a spouse/partner membership costs just £15.  
- PLEASE NOTE: If in the past you held a Union Jack Club membership between 01 January 2014 and the present day, please contact members@ujc.org.uk, and do NOT complete the online form


We are incredibly proud that over 45,000 HM Armed Forces veterans, including Reservists, have registered as members of The Union Jack Club. Whether working, being a tourist, seeing a show, meeting up with former comrades, friends and family, or simply taking break the Club is the perfect base and venue.

Our veteran joining requirement is that you are a former enlisted member of HM Armed Forces, who has served a minimum of two years and left, at a non-commissioned rank. The first two years’ of veteran membership, from the date of leaving the Service, is free.

If you left the services more than two years ago, there is a small one-off new joining administration fee of £7.50, and an annual membership fee, currently £30.00. For a small additional sum of £15, you can also give your spouse or partner all the benefits of Club membership, including their own card and independent access to the Club.

The Club membership year is January to December, with each year’s fees due on 1st January, regardless of the month in which you join.

Please note that proof of service will required for your application. If you have your Certificate of Service you do not need to complete the MOD Form 1964. Please simply click on the link below to apply for Veteran Membership. If you do not have this, print and complete the below MOD 1694 form, post it to the relevant service and then continue with your application as soon as you have received your proof of service documentation.

3. Veteran Life Membership

- Individual and spouse/partner Life Membership is available to all enlisted veteran members of HM Armed Forces, for a single payment of between £350 and £850


If 65 years of age or over, Individual Life Membership can be purchased for a one-off fee of £350 and £550 with Spouse/Partners included.
If under 65, Individual Life Membership can be purchased for a one-off fee of £600 and £850 with Spouse/Partner included.

4. Widow & Widower Membership

Widows, widowers and long-term partners of Veteran Members of The Union Jack Club are entitled to apply for membership in their own name. The annual subscription is the same as Individual Veteran Membership and is due on 1st January each year.

To apply please contact the Membership Department members@ujc.org.uk or telephone 020 7902 6049.

5. Temporary Honorary Membership

- Temporary Honorary Membership (THM) gives access to the Club but not all members’ benefits
- There is no THM fee, but higher rates are charged for accommodation and some weekends are reserved for Members only
- Club facilities may only be used with an accommodation booking

THM may be applied for by individuals who who meet the criteria: Veterans below commissioned rank who are not Members of The Union Jack Club; Current and Veteran Members of HM Armed Forces of commissioned rank; Current Members of the Armed Forces of other countries, whether or not of commissioned rank; Members of national and international clubs with which we have a reciprocal agreement; Widows or Widowers of HM Armed Forces personnel, irrespective of rank, who are beneficiaries of the War Pensions or Armed Forces Compensation Schemes; Serving uniformed employees of the Emergency Services i.e. NHS, Fire, Police and Prison Services; Ministry of Defence Civil Servants; and Sitting Members of both Houses of Parliament.

If you would like to apply for THM please, in the first instance, contact the Club’s Advance Booking Office by email abo@ujc.org.uk, or telephone 020 7928 4814

*All prices are subject to review and may change 

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